Sensorial Materials

Staunton Montessori School Sensorial Materials Photo

The Color Tablets set contains 63 tablets representing nine colors in seven graded shades. The child uses these tablets to explore color discrimination by grading the shades of color from dark to light and light to dark. Other simpler Color Tablets sets are used to introduce color and refine the chromatic sense through matching activities.

The Cylinder Blocks introduce the first stage of visual discrimination of size. The knob atop each cylinder indirectly prepares the child for writing by developing the three finger grip. Several sets offer varying degrees of challenge, with some progressing in diameter, and some progressing in height and diameter.

Knobless Cylinders are the final application stage in the dimensional material. The child places the sets of cylinders in order based on the child’s ability to discriminate. Several sets can be used at once, as the cylinders have interrelationships in size.

The Pink Tower is a series of cubes designed to develop visual discrimination of size in three dimensions. Through work with this material, the child prepares for mathematical concepts in the decimal system, geometry and volume. The pink tower consists of ten wooden cubes painted pink and graduated in increments from 1 cubic centimeter to 1000 cubic centimeters.

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